The Best responsive CSS Frameworks and for HD quality WEB integrating

Conventional CSS Frameworks with grid and breakpoints @media

(Framework knowledge required and limited customization of web pages layouts)

responsive integrating with the best css frameworks with breakpoint @mediaresponsive integrating with the best css frameworks with breakpoint @media

► Unsteady floating display between each breakpoint of devices and screens resolutions…

hd web  Frameworks without grid nor breakpoint @media

(Without framework knowledge and free customization of web pages layouts)

The best responsive integrating with HD WEB frameworks without breakpoint @mediaThe best responsive integrating with HD WEB frameworks without breakpoint @media

► Steady HD display without any breakpoint according to device and screens resolutions…

What are the differences and how to choose the best css framework for better integrating…

  • Advanced custom integration solutions of your applications for a HD quality displaying on multi-screen

    That your website has been developped in-house or in external Web-Agencies or by consultants from IT Consulting Compagnies, our web integrating solutions are the only ones to garantee contractually to your clients:

  • A web integrating and web coding perfectly faithful to all mockups

    designed by designers UX/UI for each kind of device on all screens resolution and browsers (with on mobiles a native render identical to apps coded within IOS™ and Android™)

  • without creative and technical constraint of conventional rwd coding

    requiring numerous breakpoints according to screens resolutions and/or using of frameworks including layouts with grids displaying many unmanageable floating contents which doesn’t comply with your mockups anymore according to screens resolutions

Discover our frameworks and our applications HD WEB , as powerful alternative Web-integrations laborious and restricted without regular constraint and restriction of the other frameworks of the market

Test for your websute our application web cloud which is the only patented solution of the market which power-up your website to high definition on all screens and devices on the market without having to go through lengthy and expensive re-developments…

Your responsive website on multi-screen in Full-HD 1080p (1080x1920 pixels), Quad-HD/2K 1440p (1440x2560 pixels), Quad-HD/2K 1600p (1600x2560 pixels), Ultra-HD/4K 2160p (2160x3840 pixels) et Ultra HD 4K 2160p (3840x2160 pixels) without re-coding nor updating of your current website! with the help of HD WEB cloud application
(Last updated: Saturday 13 August 2022)

Our Frameworks and our Applications hd web  make it a powerful alternative to responsive design as it does not require any redevelopment of your existing website
These are the benefits of
Our Frameworks and our Applications hd web  for any business that is carrying out or subcontracting their website’s development and/or updates,
as well as for any Web Agency and software company specializing in the design and development of quality websites that require consistency across all devices

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  • hd web  What is it?

    • responsive website (with responsive hd web design / HD WEB)
    • static website (without responsive web design / RWD)
  • hd web  For Websites

    • Due to the increase of devices, it would have us needed to make develop a website in Responsive Design with a dozen of versions to fit to all devices and screens resolutions of the market

    • We wished to expand our audience of our site to smartTV to increase our sales without having to pay new development

    • That our website has been developped in-house or in external web agency the HD WEB  application freed us from these constraints and save us costly delays of new developments…

  • hd web  For Businesses

    • Works without having to recode or redesign your current Website

      The HD WEB  app guarantees an always perfect display without any breakpoint in contrary of Responsive Web Design (RWD) which used to break fixed layouts of Websites

    • Works on all devices and every browsers without any updates

      The HD WEB  app works with all browsers and in all environments, and requires no updating or re-development of your website (unlike to RWD and other Frameworks on the market)

    • Works in transparent manner for your website and your visitors

      The HD WEB  app communicates with your website in a transparent manner through web service without modifying your files nor accessing your databases

  • hd web  How does it work?

    • |1|responsive framework HD WEB LiteYou choose your Framework with or without Pack subscription

    • |2|responsive framework HD WEB PlusYou download your Framework from your client download account

    • |3|responsive framework HD WEB ProYou upload your Framework to your server or host it in the Cloud